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Explore the world of interoperable blockchain applications in the Cosmos ecosystem and beyond from the convenience of your mobile device.
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Manage Multichain Assets

Manage Multichain Assets

Stake and Claim rewards

Stake & Collect Rewards

Participate in Governance

Participate in Governance

Desktop Sync

Sync with Chrome

Syncing with Keplr Chrome extension will give you access to the Keplr dashboard and more advanced features. To preview all of Keplr for desktop, visit the Keplr for Chrome page.
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Desktop Accounts SyncParticipate in GovernanceStake and Claim rewardsManage multichain Assets
Ledger Wallet SupportKeplr don't store your private keys

Keep your funds safe

You hold the master key. Secure sign-in with an email account or a unique 12 or 24 word mnemonic phrase that only you will know.

We don't store private keys

Private keys are ecrypted and securely stored locally on your computer.

Ledger Nano X support

Keplr supports the Ledger Nano X hardware wallet for added 2-layer security.